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Aviva Ounap, Siim Ounap and Mihkel Sorin founded  Savii Publishing in 2017 when they realized that fintech education should be part of the worldwide school curriculum.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are disrupting the financial services sector. Yet there is still a certain lack of trust in such technologies. How do Savii Publishing help build public trust?

 There is always a learning curve when it comes to mass adoption of anything, especially when it related to money. There was a time when people did not trust banks and financial institutions, and many people still don’t.

We created a range of books for students of all ages which are now being purchased by educational establishments and businesses all over the world.



Company Name: Savii Publishing
Date: June 2019 

After noticing a gap in the market for educational materials regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency, Savii Publishing was born.

Savii Publishing is hoping to educate as many people as possible, from young to old, and make the words “cryptocurrency” and “blockchain” easier to understand. 


Blockchain Educational Books and Videos

Blockchain is a relatively new type of technology with cryptocurrency transactions being one of the most known applications of blockchain technology. It will take a substantial amount of time and effort to make it easy for everyone to understand. And in terms of cryptocurrency, to become as mainstream as government-issued currency. Trust and education go hand in hand, as the more you understand, the more you will appreciate your options.

We believe that people don’t have the trust in blockchain technology because of their lack of knowledge in this space. We hope that in the near future, school systems include topics such as an introduction to blockchain, and cryptocurrency basics in their curricula. This is an important first step to build trust and increase awareness to the younger generation.

Savii Publishing is hoping to educate as many people as possible. From young to old, and make the words “cryptocurrency” and “blockchain” easier to understand. We created a range of books for students of all ages which are now being purchased by educational establishments and businesses all over the world.

The gaps in knowledge should be honestly addressed by everyone in this space, but we know that is a big ask. Many operators are attempting to explain concepts at too high a level, making the worlds of blockchain and crypto even more confusing. Regulators, on the other hand, are busy making rules and regulations to safeguard their citizens, and the educational part has fallen by the wayside.

This is why we needed to step in. We know from dealing with many people within the blockchain and crypto communities that there is confusion and a lack of basic understanding, and we have helped thousands of people so far. Now we are looking at educational institutions and businesses to join us in this quest.



Small Business Challenges

At Savii Publishing, while working with the many clients we have in blockchain and cryptocurrency, we noticed that there was literally no easy-to-understand literature about fintech. All the books were written in technical language. People with no technical background were unable to learn the basics without a dictionary.

So far, we have published six books, with four more coming shortly. Multiple languages, include Chinese, German, English and Estonian.

Crypto and Blockchain for Beginners is an introduction to the worlds of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It is not an in-depth technical field manual for programmers and developers. A fun yet educational book in plain English to help everyone understand the functions of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

After finishing this book, readers will be able to understand the concepts and happily engage in conversations with their new-found knowledge. Complete with case studies, this is the only book that expands readers’ basic knowledge on the topics of crypto and blockchain.

Our first book has excellent feedback from readers and is endorsed by Forbes journalist Roger Aitken who stated. Crypto and Blockchain for Beginners is, “The best book I have seen to explain the basics about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.”

The second book is dedicated to our younger generation. Meet Bob the Blocktrain is a fun journey about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, nodes, miners and hackers. All the activity is happening in a magical Blockchainland. This book will introduce children to the fun characters of the Blockchainland including the happy-go-lucky nodes and miners. Bob the Blocktrain,  will transport children through the learning process.


Product Development

  • The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Activity Book for children, and their parents. This book will be full of fun and educational exercises and interesting for children with many activities.
  • The Beginners Guide to Crypto Mining does what it says on the cover. It is an easy to use guide for people who are brand new to mining, with easy to read explanations.
  • The Student’s Guide to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology, which is a very simple to understand textbook for students who need an understanding of blockchain technology. Written in a way that makes them understand their place in the future of this space.

Governments and educational institutions globally should be implementing blockchain education within their school curricula, for all ages. In the future, blockchain technology will be used across all sectors, including transportation, healthcare, travel, entertainment, and supply chains. We already have partnerships and are supplying books to educational establishments and libraries, both public and private.

Many businesses operating in this space have staff who are new to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and are looking to use this book as part of this onboarding process. Not every member of staff is a developer, or crypto and blockchain enthusiast. We are currently supplying a number of businesses with books to help educate and bring awareness to their staff, and customers, including investment houses.

The most important development we have coming is the creation of our animated series of Meet Bob the Blocktrain. We have received great responses from focus groups on our pilot, and we are looking to create this animated series in 2019, in both English and Chinese.


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