The Uber of Healthcare

My name is Tatjana Golubovic, the founder of MyWorkMode the Uber of healthcare for care workers. I have worked in the Health and Social Care sector since 2000, initially recruiting and placing nurses and doctors in private and NHS hospitals.  

I was promoted to managing a domiciliary care agency working with councils providing care packages for clients, supporting their independence at home. My responsibility included ensuring care workers were trained to provide top quality care to the most vulnerable.

After three years I decided to concentrate solely on training and have since gained my teaching/trainer status and have started my own accredited training company, Cared Limited.





Company Name: MyWorkMode
Date: June 2019

My name is Tatjana Golubovic, the founder of MyWorkMode.

I have worked in the Health and Social Care sector since 2000, initially recruiting and placing nurses and doctors in private and NHS hospitals.


The Uber of Healthcare

How MyWorkMode was born

In almost two decades I have witnessed many changes, some good, others not. Funding cuts, increased living costs and dwindling numbers of care workers have put the sector under extreme pressure.

There are times when care providers don’t have sufficient numbers of care workers to begin with. This is exacerbated when the manager is informed (often with little notice) that a staff member is unable to work due to illness etc.

Currently their options are to rely on bank staff, implore existing staff to extend shifts or to use an agency. The latter is so costly and as such is avoided unless essential. Generally replacements can’t be found quickly enough which leads to existing staff being overstretched and thus unable to give proper attention to the people they care for.

These situations create dissatisfaction and stress for both managers and carers which ultimately contribute to an even greater loss within the workforce as the constant pressure becomes unbearable.  

The Uber of Healthcare

 What is MyWorkMode

The Uber of healthcare for care workers. It is a unique online platform that works by instantly matching available care workers with healthcare facilities requiring resource.

Bringing up a live map pinpointing local, available, vetted and rated healthcare workers and connecting them to care/nursing homes, hospitals or individuals who are let down by staff and need to cover shifts immediately or on the following day.

The great advantage is that they can use it for a fraction of what agencies charge


Small Business Challenges

Challenges I have meet as a small business

Balancing, having to work simultaneously to cover the costs of setting up the new business, whilst maintaining my existing personal commitments.  There is insufficient financial support available specifically for start-ups.

The best support received for growing my business

Joining the University of Hertfordshire Incubation Centre where, as part of a group of other local micro and small business owners, we meet fortnightly to share our own experiences and have access to regular workshops, networking events and academic experts.


Small Business Challenges

Advice to other thinking of starting their own business

Do your initial research thoroughly to find about your existing competition. Be prepared, patient and persistent as everything takes a lot longer than you might expect or plan for.



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