Business Incubation

The University of Hertfordshire has an excellent track record of supporting start-ups and small businesses, by identifying opportunities for growth and taking businesses to the next level.

This startup community helps new and small businesses to get inspired by and connected with innovative entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business growth

Innovative space, creative support

Being a member of the University of Hertfordshire’s Business Incubator gives you access to hundreds of academic experts and their evolving research, as well as seminars, mentors, networking events, business directories and marketing. In short, everything you need to support you and your business. 

Working in this unique environment organically fosters creative connections, sparks exciting possibilities and unlocks new opportunities for growth and innovation. The Business Incubator gives you membership of the University with the ambition to be the UK’s leading business facing educational institution and access to all of the resources you need to succeed. 

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Success stories from the Business Incubator

We have collected a selection of success stories from cohort members at the UH Business Incubator.

We hope that they will inspire you to develop your ideas and seek out the support in growing your business.

Whatever your passion or ambition, just do it, today!



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