Small Business Software

Small Business Software

Helps you review the best software for small businesses. Designed to make you more productive, grow profits and increase customer satisfaction

Small Business Software

For Self Employed, Soloprenneurs, Micro Business, Freelancers, Mumpreneurs, Partnerships, and Limited Companies

Small Business Software

For Invoicing, Scheduling, Calendar, Expenses, Accounting, Making Tax Digital, Collaboration, Managing Clients, Appointments, Payments

Small Business Software

For Beauty Therapists, Electricians, Wedding Planners, Florists, Carpenters, Web Designers, Chiropractors, Surveyors, Barristers, Hairdressers, Personal Trainers, Eyelash Technicians


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Flawless Collaboration

Collaborating with your customers, suppliers, accountant, partner and or small team is critical to success. Together with access to the best small business software tools available from any device

Small Business Software believe the ideal software solution provides everything you need into a single hosted platform, although not all suppliers are focused on small business which means you may have to look at a combination of solutions. e.g. accounting software and scheduling software

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Using single solution small business software tools will increase productivity. One learning experience, one interface, one set of data

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Hosted in the cloud, small business software provides access from multiple devices, critically ensuring all your data is synchronised into one place

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World-Class Productivity

One thing every single successful business has in common is the ability to embrace systems and processes that release their greatest productivity 

The research says we spend 2.1 hours a day in distraction and it takes 21 minutes to refocus your focus after you’ve been distracted. Clearly the secret to genius is not complexity, it’s simplicity

A single broad platform or a vertically focused software solution, can help small businesses achieve world-class productivity in any sector

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Fast & Easy

Multi-device access with simple to use graphical interfaces. Small business software enables fast and easy responses to your clients

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Create Results

Being easier to do business with results in greater customer satisfaction, increased order values and profitability

Featured Product – Soloprenuer Businesses

Pocket PA 

is an all-in-one small business software tool, that helps you schedule appointments and manage your clients in one place. Invoicing, payments and expenses, provide a clear view of expected income, together with spending on one simple screen


Pocket PA has been shaped by multiple solopreneurs to organise every element of your business

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Simple to understand, find everything all in one app or single webpage dashboard

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Cost Effective

No fixed contract, no tie-ins, so it’s simple to come and go whenever you want

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text reminders

Send automated SMS’s to remind all you client appointments, minimising no shows and saving you time 

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Simply select the button to add a new client, a payment, an expense, an invoice, or an appointment

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Free Updates

PocketPA is cloud based so you are always on the latest version or automatically update the phone app

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 We think that given the ‘All-In-One’ platform, covering every standard requirement for a Solopreneur together with the ease of use and 36 YouTube tutorials, is a bargain at £14.99 per month, plus a 30 Day FREE Trial, No commitment, No credit card

Pocket PA Reviews

Here are some recent reviews from the PocketPA website, demonstrating the benefits of Small Business Software in the beauty industry

“Managing my diary and reducing my business admin headaches allows me to respond more quickly to my customers and take pride in what I have created!”

Olivia Mae – La’Vella Hair

“As a new small business owner, I never knew what I was really earning from my payments and expenses.  But now using Pocket PA, I know my real income every day”

Megan – Eyelash Extensions

“My biggest frustration was managing lateness and people forgetting their appointments so Pocket PA covers this beautifully by reminding me to send SMS’s to everyone”

Nicola Merritt – Beauty

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30 Day FREE Trial with No commitment and No credit card

Use Coupon ‘TBP10’ for your 10% discount for life

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